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Bronswerk Heat Transfer - Sustainable Dynamic Heat Exchange Solutions

Bronswerk Heat Transfer (BHT) offers specialised knowledge of advanced processes and techniques for heat exchange systems. Together with our clients, we share the care for humanity and the environment. We attach great importance to environmentally friendly solutions. As a result, all our industrial (shell & tube) heat exchangers, air cooled coolers, cooling installations, (A-frame)condensers and fans are energy and material efficient.

We are renowned for designing, manufacturing and supplying refined and high-tech concepts in a wide range of industries. We are focused on high-quality, innovative and sustainable solutions. We are future oriented.

Heat exchange solutions

We are specialised in designing and supplying tailor-made solutions, especially if they are complex. We enjoy doing this because we are good at what we do. We have several solutions for the most varied problems with regard to heat exchange, such as:

  • Shell and tube heat exchangers
  • Air cooled coolers
  • Hairpin exchangers
  • A-frame vacuum condensers
  • Regeneration gas coolers
  • Inter coolers
  • Self cleaning "Klarex" heat exchangers
  • Falling film evaporators
  • EM baffled heat exchangers
  • Axial ultra high efficiency fans
  • Ultra compact pumps compressors and turbines

Compact header design

Shell and tube heat exchangers with (extremely) high pressure on the tube side, require a solid and exceptionally strong construction. A special construction that requires plenty of material. This all adds up in weight, energy and raw materials. Therefore, we have developed a special design known as the compact header design which only needs a fraction of the material normally required for a heat exchanger. For example, the construction of an oil rig can be significantly lighter thanks to the reduction in weight.

EM baffled heat exchangers

This special design shell and tube heat exchanger, has multiple advantages for several applications. The expanded metal (EM) baffled heat exchanger guarantees less fouling around the tubes. This results in reduced pressure loss which, for example, is particularly important in gas cooling. Tube vibration can also be prevented with this design.

Whizz-Wheel® ultra-low-noise, ultra-efficient fan

When we design air-cooled coolers, we aim to find the optimal combination between costs, use of material, noise pollution and energy consumption. This is why we have created an intensive research program over the last few years. One of the results is the development of a brand new fan, the Whizz-Wheel®. The fan is lighter and more silent (4-6 dB(A)) than the best existing fans. The Whizz-Wheel® complies with the strictest sound regulations and has a 40% better efficiency than currently available alternatives in the market. Its energy consumption reduction is considerable.


Relatively small improvements to your current installations of heat exchangers, coolers, condensers, fans and/or pumps may result in a significant improvement to your return on investment. Therefore, we like to inspect your current installations. Focussed on people, planet and profit. This is Bronswerk® Heat Transfer.


Bronswerk Heat Transfer BV
PO Box 92
3860 AB Nijkerk
NetherlandsTel: +31 332 472 500
Fax: +31 332 452 338